The Instant Gratification Folks – Part 2


Let’s continue on from the last post on folks looking for Instant Gratification.

Tactics vs Systems:

“How I Earned $17.345.34 In 3 Weeks And How You
Can Too”

The first part of that headline is based around a

And the second part is a tactic.

System = “How I Earned $17.345.34 In 3 Weeks”

Tactic = “And How You Can Too”

The claims might be accurate, but they’re misleading

We’re not in a science lab.

No replication of someone else’s tactics will produce
the same results.

There are too many variations and parameters to consider.

And what we have are lemmings following others
tactics without their own system… and still
expecting to get the same results…not gonna happen!

You’re not supposed to take those claims

But, most people are not rational at all.

On the contrary.

Most people are… irrational.

Have you read the CNN report recently?


People would much rather give themselves an
electric shock than be left in a room with their
own thoughts for longer than seven minutes.

That was a real case study by the way.

Pretty incredible, right?

And these are the same people who are trying to
create a business.

A business that requires actual thinking.

But thinking seems to have a work ethic tied to it, so most shy away from it.

And what do we see being peddled and pushed by the vast majority of marketers?

Products that require NO THINKING.

Done for you this – and done for you that. (Blah!)

Tactic-based products that promise you instant
results, even though logically, those tactic-based
products can ONLY work well inside a system that’s already proven to work.

It’s list building without the email marketing.

Affiliate marketing without the actual product creation.

Traffic without the funnel.


It takes people years before they realize these things.

Others…well they never do.


A couple of reasons.

For some it’s the pull of Instant gratification
and wanting to believe in fairy tales.

Others are just tire kickers looking for their
success Inside a $17 product.

Either way. There’s no shortage of customers for
the junk-pushing marketers out there still selling the

And that’s why the failure rate is so damn high.


Go here next for a proven system…


You’ll be glad you did.

– Marty


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