Why Is Email Marketing So Critical


If anyone says that the email industry is dying, they probably don't know what they're talking about. With approximately 4 billion Email users in 2020, it's pretty evident that email marketing is very much alive and thriving. Who would ever think that Email marketing was dying when almost most web users have at least one or two emails each?

1. Email VS Social Media

Don't get me wrong, but just as important as social media is, Email use takes the lead. With almost every social media platform requiring an email address is evidence enough as to how powerful Email marketing can be. Yes, social media is vital for interacting with your audience and forming a relationship. Still, if you want to turn an audience into loyal subscribers, customers, and followers, then email marketing is what you want to go with.

As a business, you would want to send communications through email as it is more interactive and engaging with your audience. Not to mention that marketers also feels that ROI comes more from email marketing, rather than social according to research.

With every dollar invested in email marketing, the ROI is said to be approximately $44 on an average, whereas social media's ROI is hard to track and determine. Now I know that Email marketing has less chance of being viral, but it is very engaging and has an interactive factor with subscribers, which is just good marketing.

2. Email works In the palm of your hand

There's a device in almost everyone's arsenal of dealing with life, and it often appears in the palm of your hand. Let me give you a hint; it's your whole and its instant access to the internet. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, your phones provide instant access to the usage of Emails. Almost two-thirds of emails are read on smartphones and tablets, which makes email marketing ten times easier. If you think about it, how regularly do you check your email on your phone?

As an Email marketer, you are going to have to figure out ways that can make your emails more engaging for users. Moreover, Email marketing has leaped, making it more appealing for mobile consumers by allowing you to create a responsive design in your email content. Furthermore, the visual aspect has improved in the form of videos and images of which your subscribers and mobile users might take an interest in and will most likely stay loyal due to the engaging content.

3. Email helps keep your budget inline

This is an important factor in the mind of most marketers as the money keeps the circulation of marketing. Email marketing is cost-effective and is one of the best ways of marketing. As a marketer, you will want to maximize your effectiveness while maintaining a good budget.

While other forms of marketing can be costly with less ROI, email marketing comes out as cost-effective with a good ROI. It is known as one of the best digital marketing tactics, especially for small businesses, as the budget is usually relatively small.

If you can make take advantage of email marketing that makes your business grow without having to use much of the revenue generated, then why not take the opportunity?

4. The power of Email Automation

One of the key factors and quite possibly the backbone of email marketing could be email automation. With other digital marketing usually failing in automation, Email marketing has taken the lead in this form of marketing. It consists of triggers and workflows that are meant to message your subscribers automatically.

This helps keep your consumers always updated, and it keeps them constantly engaged. You can always keep them up to date with your campaign, and it also keeps a record that you can analyze to keep track of consumers. It helps save time and money and leaves a good impression on your consumers. Email automation also can change a lost customer into a potential customer.

For example, if a customer is looking for a product on your website and just leaves or forgets about it, email automation sends an email directly to the user. To conclude, email automation is just good marketing and can help turn a business around, which is why email marketing is so important.

5. Keeping a track

Email marketing has an easy and effective way of keeping track of statistics, which can help marketers improve and change up the way they market. Email marketing metrics are really easy to track and gives you more insight into your consumers. This makes your way of marketing more accurate and removes any guesswork. Furthermore, you can keep track of the users that open your emails, unsubscribe, and what products they seem interested in. This, therefore, proves as to why Email marketing is very much alive and useful in the marketing world of 2020


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