These 3 Mistakes Will Make You More Money IF You Avoid Them


Lets change it up a bit today, what do you say?


3 mistakes that if avoided…Ā will make you moreĀ moolah!


Here we go…

1)Ā Not realizing that theĀ reptilianĀ šŸ¦ŽĀ (fight or flight)Ā part of your brain doesn’t want to work on bigĀ audaciousĀ goals. On the contrary; the more you focus on theĀ biggerĀ goal, theĀ lesslikely you are to achieve it.Ā 

How’s that?

B’cause big goals areĀ neverĀ achievedĀ all at once. It takes dozens, hundreds and even thousands of small incremental steps to achieveĀ anyĀ big goal.

Want to earn $10k a month? First, set a goal to earnĀ $100 – $500Ā a month.Ā 

You MUST short-circuit and bypass the primitive part of your brain… and… work on smaller goals that areĀ ridiculouslyĀ easy to achieve.

This, of course, will help you with motivation, procrastination and InertiaĀ (are they all the same thing?)

Micro-commitmentsĀ come to mind.

It’s great to have big goals, butĀ neverĀ focus on them ahead of the most important goals that need to be achieved… TODAY. NOW!

2)Ā You are trying too hard to be the nice guy or gal:

I wouldn’t expect Ronald McDonald and Tony the Tiger to say,Ā “Hey kids, go buy a happymeal today, they’re fucking GREEEAAAT!!”. But I would expect a marketer selling anĀ informationĀ product to be asĀ honestĀ with me as possible.Ā 

If that means they’re a bit rough around the edges, so be it, it just makes me believe they don’t NEED my approval.Ā 

Anyone who doesn’t NEED my approval is someone I want to work with even more. Needy, people-pleasing-people are riddled throughout this industry – and it has gotten to thatĀ stage where we don’t know who’sĀ trustworthyĀ and who is not.

Warts and all being you, is the best way I know to build a fan base.

And yes, we don’t build email lists; we buildĀ fan baseĀ lists.

It’s your move.

3)Ā Selling low priced products

Hang around the Warrior forum and Flakebook long enough and you’ll believe that most people won’t pay more than $9 for an information product.Ā 

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact; yourĀ worstĀ customersĀ will ALWAYS be the people who ONLY pay for low-priced products.Ā 

If you want to make more money without having to product launch every month – and by doing less work, go create a higher priced product.

A qualityĀ $97Ā productĀ x 3Ā sales-a-day is aĀ 6 figureĀ business.

If you are going to sell it cheaper and still at an impulse price, be SURE to monetize it on the backend to make up the difference.

Either way, just make sure it’s not CRAP.Ā  Over-deliver the hell out of it.

And… those loyal fans I was talking about in the last point above?

Just 1000 of those folk buying one product a year off you will also earn you a 6 figure income.

Create more than one — and well — more money in your pocket my friend.

So that’s it.

Simple points worth thinking about.

Simple, but can, and will have aĀ dramaticĀ impact on your biz moving forward.

All the best.

Get to class.


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