A Simple Solution For The Instant Gratification Folks


I’m probably preaching to the choir about this,
since most people left on my email list are “smart
as a whip

Well…not all whips are smart though.

In fact: I know very few whips that are smart at all –
and very few people who are whips.


So, systems vs tactics.

You know, product creating folk don’t sell systems.

They sell tactics and strategies.

After all, tactics don’t help people without
systems – and therefore… consistent consumption
is an inevitability.

Tactics, enhance the systems.

Without a system, tactics provide ONLY short-term

A quick fix for those Instant gratification junkies.

A band-aid for the peeps who love the illusion.

And yes…people love their illusions.

Waking up… and facing truths… is not nice.

It’s uncomfortable.

Like Jack Nicholson said…


As long as folks are getting their instant
, they will gladly stave off any

thought of long-term failure.

If it doesn’t exist today – it doesn’t exist at

There’s always tomorrow.

Today, however, is all about the fix.

Even junkies enjoy sticking needles into their

I’m getting off point:

Back on…

Systems vs Tactics.

When you read a headline like…

“How I Earned $17.345.76 in 3 weeks And How You
Can Too”

You can be sure the second part of the headline is
complete bullshit.

The first part, however, can certainly be true.

You see. The marketer in question is selling you
on a tactic… within HIS own system.

But that’s because those tactics are part
of an already existing structure that has been in
place for some time in THAT person’s business.

Hence the reason a lot of marketers can claim
their product can make you $17.345.76 in as little
as 3 weeks… and still claim they’re being ethical.

It’s total nonsense, though.


Without your own system to fit those tactics into,
you can be doing the very same business as someone
else, and while they’re raking it in… you continue
to struggle.

Almost all products being sold these days are
“tactic” based products.

It’s not surprising people are feeling lost,
overwhelmed, frustrated and lacking a clear
direction on what to do next.

After all, they’re constantly being fed tiny
pieces of a big puzzle, rather than being given
the whole thing.

Remember, without your own system, it’s foolish to
believe you can replicate another marketers
results simply by following their tactics.

The Key Is In The System, Not The Tactic

When you get the complete puzzle laid out in front
of you – and not just the pieces, you’ll find
great relief.

Suddenly, it’s like a fog has been lifted, the
dark clouds pass over… and… for the first time
you can see a clear path opening up before you.

You’ll then see exactly what tactics are needed to
fit perfectly into your puzzle.

And they just slide right in like a hand into a

Here is a system I put together that you can make your own…


Look for more soon buddy

– Marty


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