How to position yourself as an expert by answering questions online

how to position yourself as an expert by answering questions online

Driving traffic to websites is not easy, but your website can become very successful, and your leads can grow if you go to sites like and answer people's questions there and, in the end, provide the link of your website so they can visit it. Answering questions online is a great technique to outgrow your site and persuade people to get to your original site. This is how you can do it:

Mentioning Links That Are Relevant:

1.  First, start by writing a brief answer to the question being asked.

2.  Then, to make the answer more detailed and clear, you can add relevant links in the answer.

3.  For this, you’ll have to choose relevant questions to your brand.

4.  Now, include links from your website’s blog that contain information related to the answer.

5.  This will drive people directly to your site when they tap on the link to get details.

6.  You can also mention the link to your products if they are suitable for the answer.

Make Comments:

7.  You can get leads by not just answering questions but also by asking questions on

8.  Make comments on already answered questions and elaborate on those answers.

9.  Mention your site's link in every comment you make and follow the members to be a part of the community.

10.  By doing so, your site's value will increase, and people would like to visit and see your work.

11.  As you know that questions can never expire on, so there is a chance that as more and more people will join Quora, they’ll get to see your answers and reach your website.

Use Images:

12.  To make your answer more visible, try using images.

13.  You can use any image from your blog and mention its link there, so people can tap the link and get to your site.

14.  You can also use a photo of a celebrity or any personal picture to make your answer more visible.

Write With Style:

15.  While answering a question, you have to be very clear about the style with which you’re writing.

16.  Use bold headlines and avoid using extra words so that people don’t leave your answer unseen because of its lengthy structure.

17.  You can also add a “learn more” option with answers and mention your site’s link there.

18.  You can also write half of the points to the answer and ask the followers to get to know the rest by clicking on the link below; this way, traffic will be directed to your site.

Using these 18 points, you should be able to begin making some great headway on your journey to becoming an expert in your niche.

Remember that by answering questions this way, you will end up having a much better quality lead in the end.


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