Do you think outside the box or stay within the lines?

Do you consider yourself an “Outside The Box” thinker?

…Or, were you that kid that stayed inside the lines all the time?

If you’re like most folks, they always tried to stay within

boundaries and not go outside the lines.


Well I was always working on a different angle or trying to
figure out the best way to do something original.

Do You Think Outside The Box Or Stay Inside The Lines?

When it comes to digital marketing, you’ve got to be able

to stand apart from others.

Instead of being that lemming that follows the rest right

off the cliff, you need to be able to find unique and creative
ways of doing the same thing everyone else is doing, but

with the appearance of it being different.

Over the last few years, I’ve focused heavily on trying to keep

that perspective.

Whenever I’m creating a product, it might actually be the

same type of thing that everyone else is doing, but I have
to put a different shine and luster on it so it stands out in

the crowd.

So as you go through your daily marketing routine (you do

have one I hope), keep that in mind when you write an
email or create a blog post or a video, or just post

something on social media.

Never be afraid to be you and different than the rest.

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