🤴 Not even Hollywood celebrities can buy their way into this 👈

So unless you've been under a rock lately,
you've heard all the buzz about high profile
celebrities buying their kids admission into
esteemed universities.
We are talking millions of dollars to land
their kids into the finest universities with
some getting sports scholarships that have
NO athletic talent whatsoever.
What do you think is going to be the product of that
education when the kids come out the other end?
Will they smarter or ready to cope with actual society? 🎓
Will they be able to CONTRIBUTE to our economy
in a meaningful way?
They'll still be as dumb as the box of rocks they were
when they first went in.
So let's draw a similar comparison to becoming a marketer.
Something you absolutely cannot do as a marketer is
to simply BUY your way into it.
You don't become a smarter or more experienced marketer
by just throwing money at it.
Sure, there are plenty of high performing product launches
that promise to solve the worlds problems and make you
bundle of money if you just put a bundle of money into
their products.
Sorry folks, but the unicorns and fairy farts of marketing just
don't exist.
You have to spend time educating yourselves on what the
basic constructs (your freshman year) are for building out
the foundation.
Then…you start learning how to establish your brand and
personality in the online world for what works for YOU and
not someone else (your Sophomore phase).
After you've realized over a couple of years or so, that the
magic money fairy didn't just start unloading a truck full of
cash in your back yard, you start to figure out where the
puzzle pieces go together. 🚛
If…and I mean only IF you are committed to building your
online business as a BUSINESS and not treating it as a
HOBBY, then you have a really good chance of making it
work for you as a strong source of income.
Don't dabble with it.  Dabblers are those folks that decided
that they could start flipping houses and selling real estate
just because they heard a Carlton Sheets radio ad.
You have to commit to it.
It has to be part of your life and your routine and you must
treat it as an investment.
I'll repeat once more…you cannot BUY your way into being
a successful marketer.  You have to cut your teeth with it
just like any other trade (i.e. – carpenter, mechanic, accountant)
What I suggest for you to do, is to come spend some time
with me and the rest of the Locustware gang in the main
Discord channel.
We have every level of marketer you could think of from all
walks of life there.
It's like one big university of talent that has people from freshman
through professors.
We are all there to help and if you leave there having NOT
gotten your question asked, then you just didn't ask it right.
Here's the link and tell them Marty sent you if you haven't
been there before.  It costs you nothing to get the best education
possible with marketing.
I'm in there just about every day, several times per day just like
some of the others.  There are always moderators around to
help too.
Look for more coming your way soon
–Marty the “non-dabbler” Bostick
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