Why Jigsaw Puzzles and Marketing Just Dont Mix

When I was a kid, I really never was good at Jigsaw Puzzles
As a matter of fact, I just plain sucked at them.  The pieces were
laid out on the table and I was pretty good at working around
the edges, but connecting all the parts in the middle was just
Maybe you were a pro at them, but not me.
Being a marketer often results in being right in the middle of
a HUGE jigsaw puzzle, but ten times worse…Here’s why
As you know, putting a single boxed puzzle together means
that every piece has a place and there are no more and no
less pieces than it takes to put it together.
In marketing, we find ourselves not only trying to piece together
our own puzzle of landing pages, funnels, autoresponders and
all the other stuff, but we also try and take pieces of other puzzles
to throw in the mix.
That’ll never work
As if one puzzle was not hard enough already, what if you dumped
two or three other puzzles onto the same table?
The pieces just wouldn’t freakin fit.  You might find one here and
there belonging to the same puzzle, but for the most part, you
end up with a huge mess of stuff that never comes together as a
single finished project.
See where I’m going with this story?
If Suzy marketer releases the latest shiny WSO on the Whiner Forum,
you might be lured into her fantastic method (puzzle) that works
perfectly for her.
You might even see Bob’s JVZoo Launch that has the ability to
solve world hunger with his software (another puzzle)
So…you buy Suzy’s product and dump the puzzle on the table to
see how to make it fit in yours.  then you grab Bob’s software
and dump the puzzle in the mix too.
All the while, you are thinking…If I just add one more puzzle
that should make everything I’m doing complete…
WRONG my friend!
What you should have done is kept plugging away at the puzzle
you already had and kept going until you had all the pieces
in place.
Then…once it’s put together, you realize that it is a treasure map
pointing to the gold.
You unfortunately couldn’t see the map because it wasn’t put
together yet.
If all those other puzzles were in the same mix, you NEVER
would see the whole picture.
Well, I know that one was long-winded, but I really had to get
that out of my head.
Hopefully you see where I was coming from.  Just focus on the
ONE THING that you are working on and drive it home until
you make it work for you.
Most systems work just fine but people try to over-complicate or
not finish them, resulting in complete FAILURE.
All the best
PS – If you want a puzzle that’s already assembled and ready
to use, take a look at my Email Prestige product and jump right


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