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What You Need This 2018: Start Your Business
For entrepreneurs, if there is something that we need to learn in our business, it's easy to find specific help online. With the access and knowledge we have available, it should not be a struggle to grow a business today. Yet, there are entrepreneurs reading this article who aren't growing -- or worse.

As entrepreneurs, we often don't get the kind of support we need from family and friends. They just don't get it. Society has trained people to believe an old-school view of schooling, earning a living, and success. The idea of not having a steady paycheck and/or benefits is foreign to most of society.
One of the primary benefits of working in immediate proximity to our customers is the real-time, face-to-face feedback that we receive. By sharing a physical presence with our customers, we're able to learn exactly what their pain points are and develop solutions to both solve their problems and improve the quality of our own product.
Pro Tip: Take an open-minded approach to open source development
Ways to Build Killer Relationships With Customers
  • Real-time feedback, and providing real-time solutions
  • Proven Customer-Retention Strategies
  • Earning Customer Loyalty
  • Build Killer Relationships With Customers
  • Ways to Respond to Negative Reviews
  • Engage With Your Customers and Find Out Their Needs
  • Seven of The Best Project-Management Tools for Your Business
  • Remote Work Trumps Being in the Office
  • Establish better time management
Pro Tip: Take an open-minded approach to open source development
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I am a professional Internet Marketer, Enterprise Database Manager and Career Professional. I embrace all things related to online marketing and provide solid solutions to my clients.


On a daily basis, I encounter other marketing professionals aspiring to reach their goals and establish a true online income. Through tools, process and technology, I am to teach and assist those that can benefit from my experience over the last 30 years.


Marty Bostick 

Phone: 205-588-7311
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