Weekly Updates For August 11th 2019 – Video Inside

I’ve been wide open over the last couple weeks building out funnels, new products, and a bunch of other shit that’s too much to mention.

Hope you guys been doing great.

I started creating a quick update video (yeah right)for you last night that covers what I’ve been working on, but it turned into a 22 minute long production. All good stuff though, so I hope you enjoy it.

Inside the video, I actually cover a few different subjects like a new Super Funnel that’s been converting for me that I’m going to give to you and some cPanel alternatives for those of you who want to abandon ship before or the cPanel prices go up in September exponentially, and a few  updates on my latest product that I’m launching called Ranking Raptor.

Lastly, I also show you a quick demo of how I’m using ThriveCart to monetize products in my funnel with a drag-n-drop shopping cart.

Click on the video below to see the updates…


Also in the video, I made mention of an earnings estimator spreadsheet that I created and demonstrated. I put a link to the Google sheet below for your convenience.

When you use the spreadsheet just change the column in yellow to see a what-if scenario on your potential earnings using the super funnel that I’m giving you.

I’ll have some other really cool stuff happening throughout the week and will send out some announcements on it as it happens.

You guys have a fantastic and productive week and always be building toward your future and success.

Oh…Here’s the link to the free Super Funnel if you are too lazy to click the one in the video…
P.S. – If you are looking for a truly plug-n-play shopping cart that integrates with just about everything, ThriveCart is the answer.  Take a look


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