Power Lead Generator Full Review – Case Study – Bonuses


Revolutionary “Viral Traffic” Funnel Generator

Without Doing Any “Extra Work”

This is one of those products that comes along every once in a while that makes you just go “oooohhh”
I’ve probably spent more time than I normally would with reviewing a product, but this one deserved the royal treatment in my opinion.
Because the product’s entry point is $297, I felt that it was only right that I do a full case study on it to prove it out.  You can see that video below to understand my position on it.
I was able to get more than 3X the subscriber leads as promised with the software.  It was pretty dang impressive.
I made sure to run it through multiple traffic providers to ensure that the tests were consistent and conclusive.  I was not disappointed.

I also put together a full demo of the plugin in action below.  The entire funnel builder can be setup on one page.

Here is the product demonstration


Think of how much more PROFIT you will generate from EACH lead when your opt-in page does ALL of the above vs. just collecting emails!

Typically, a squeeze page will collect your prospect’s email or information and subscribe them to your autoresponder…

‘Power Lead Generator’ will subscribe them to UP TO 3 different autoresponders, SIMULTANEOUSLY!

And you can use each autoresponder to extract profit in different ways from your leads…

For example, you can use multiple autoresponders by having:

✅ 1 Autoresponder for Building Recurring Income
✅ 1 Autoresponder for Adding People to High Ticket Webinars
✅ 1 Autoresponder for Blogging or CPA Marketing

In all, this software package gets the highest marks and ratings.  It was over a  year in the making and I even got to do some beta testing with it in the end.

Be sure to check out my full review with access to my custom bonuses by clicking the link below.

Click Here For The Full Review


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