My Review Of VidRipper YouTube Backup Software With Custom Bonuses And Training

Vidripper Review
vidripper review
How is your YouTube marketing going?


Is your channel safe?


Will YouTube’s new guidelines and their being able to decide if they like your content or not get you slapped down?


Do you have a ton of sweat equity and time invested in putting all those videos out there with well-crafted titles, description, keyword research…blah blah blah


You know the drill.  To build up a YouTube presence and a solid branded channel takes time.


Would it devastate you if it all just WENT AWAY?


For me it would suck…BUT…


My good friend Cliff Carrigan has once again SOLVED that problem and put the angst behind me with VidRipper.


The man is a freakin’ genius…seriously.  He’s always creating tools to solve problems.


To make a long story short, he created a tool that will completely backup every aspect of a YouTube channel, so that you could easily just recreate the entire damn thing!


Here are some things that may put you at ease with it.


✔️ Preserves every title and descriptions
✔️ Downloads all video thumbnails
✔️ Downloads all videos in MP4 format
✔️ Creates an inventory of all video URL’s


It doesn’t get better than that folks!


Take a look at my full review that myself and Nath Lafleur did on it below.

VidRipper Review Plus Custom Bonuses And Training By Me
Watch Video

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Oh…We’ve stuffed it full of custom bonuses for you too!


Don’t get caught with your pants down and pick up VidRipper today.


If you want to skip the review and jump straight to the good stuff, just click this link to pick up your copy


Also Since timing is everything with videos…I thought I’d also mention that Content Samurai now lets you create Influencer Videos…sweet! Take a look at it while their new promotion is running.  It ends Friday at midnight



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