I have just launched Abandoned Email Arbitrage


Hello everyone, I wanted to take just a couple of moments and tell you about my latest product launch named Abandoned Email Arbitrage.

The product is an over the shoulder video training course where I demonstrate how to organize and maintain your email subscriber lists within an autoresponder platform the right way.

The main focus of the product is to show you how to take existing lists of email subscribers that might be dormant or ones that you collected over time that just don’t respond anymore, and show you how to reengage those subscribers to get them active again on your list.

The product is made up of a front-end training product covering the core concepts. There is also an upgrade for automation training, where I show you how I use third party tools and strategy that I teach you, in order to fully-automate your daily maintenance tasks within my email lists, like cleaning up subscribers, moving inactive subscribers to other lists and more.

The third component is an upgrade where I create four monthly done for you emails that are meant to be used for engagement each week. These emails can be customized any way you like. The intent, is to provide some engagement to your list in a storytelling in teaching fashion that is agnostic to any niche.

Also included in the third component is a done for you installation service where I will deploy the emails to your autoresponder platform for you each month.

I see so many marketers that I come in contact with, that have been taught just to gather subscribers and leads and email them relentlessly. They are also taught that the money is in the list and the list is all that matters.

Well that’s simply not the case.

It’s kind of like having a large collection of automobiles and you don’t know how to drive any of them.

Take just a moment to go through the video below to see a quick tour of the membership area and what you will receive.

I’ve tried to price this product in a very reasonable fashion that should suit most budgets.

So that said, get your list back into action and turned those deadbeat subscribers into rabid buyers!

Click Here To Visit The Product Sales Page


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